Calgary man who shot at driver, missing 'by an inch or two,' pleads guilty in road rage incident

Calgary man who shot at driver, missing 'by an inch or two,' pleads guilty in road rage incident
Calgary man who shot at driver, missing 'by an inch or two,' pleads guilty in road rage incident

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Jamal Baroudi, 25, pleaded guilty to shooting at a driver during a road rage incident in 2022. He attended court on Monday with his parents. (Meghan Grant/CBC - image credit)

A Calgary man fired seven shots at a driver in a road rage incident where one bullet miss the victim's head "by an inch or two," a judge heard Monday.

Jamal Baroudi, 25, pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm with intent to endanger life.

At the time of the shooting, Baroudi had a firearms licence and owned three restricted semi-automatic handguns.

Justice Jayme Williams will hear sentencing arguments from defence lawyer Rame Katrib and prosecutor Aleksandra Simic later this year after a risk assessment and psychological report has been completed.

The victim, who was at court Monday, is expected to deliver a statement at Baroudi's sentencing hearing.

Baroudi attended court with his parents.

Bullets hit truck windows

On Nov. 11, 2022, around 5:30 p.m., Jake Lee was driving eastbound on McKnight Boulevard in a Toyota Tundra approaching the ramp for southbound Deerfoot Trail.

Details of Baroudi's crime come from an agreed statement of facts (ASF) read aloud by Simic.

In the middle of rush hour traffic, a 2010 Chevrolet Impala, driven by Baroudi, pulled in front of the Toyota and began brake checking the truck.

The two vehicles merged onto Deerfoot and Lee "attempted to overtake the Impala on the left," according to the ASF document.

Baroudi — who had multiple loaded guns in his car at the time, according to the document — then fired at least seven shots at Lee.

Victim called 911

The victim's truck was hit by seven bullets.

According to the ASF, one of those bullets "missed Mr. Lee's head by an inch or two, passing from the passenger window, past his head and exiting the driver's side window."

A total of four bullets hit the front and rear passenger windows, entering into the cab of the truck. Three others struck the body of the truck.

Lee immediately got off Deerfoot Trail and onto 32nd Avenue N.E., where he called 911. Baroudi continued down the Deerfoot.

Dashcam footage from Lee's truck captured the entire sequence of events.

Story continues

By the time Baroudi arrived at his apartment building parkade, he'd already removed the Impala's licence plate.

Search warrants were executed on the couple's apartment and the Impala. Police found a shell casing, live and spent ammunition and a loaded assault rifle magazine.

Charges stayed against girlfriend

The Calgary Police Service initially charged both Baroudi and his girlfriend, Karma Singh.

At the time of the shooting, CPS asked the public for help locating Singh, who they said was "believed to be responsible for discharging a firearm during a road-rage incident."

On Monday, the Crown stayed Baroudi's charges.

In response to the development, Singh's lawyer Kim Arial issued a statement.

"Ms. Singh has always unconditionally denied the allegation published by the Calgary Police," wrote Arial.

"She is relieved that the Crown has finally stayed the prosecution against her."

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