Writing Santa this year? Canada Post says to mail it by Friday

اخبارالعرب 24-كندا:الاثنين 5 ديسمبر 2022 09:14 صباحاً While many are rushing around preparing for a busy holiday season, one group of students in Windsor, Ont., has been busy writing the big guy in red — just in time to hear back, according to his official Canadian mail carrier. 

This year, Canada Post says to send your Santa letter by Friday Dec. 9, so that he has time to write back.

Grade 2 students at St. James Catholic Elementary School in West Windsor took some time to write to Santa Claus. This year, they included their list of wants, needs and wishes. 

"We did that because a lot of the students would go to electronics right away," said their teacher, Samantha David. "So we tried to focus on things that we need, which is like clothing, bedding, things like that. Wants — the electronics like video games, toys, cats and dogs, and then wishes was just something that they wished for."

A young teacher with brown hair sits at a table with four students.
Grade 2 teacher Samantha David sits with her students as they write to Santa with their needs, wants and wishes this year. (Kaitie Fraser/CBC)

Before the students at St. James mail their letters, staff are keenly looking at the needs they might have. Each year, they host a Christmas program, helping Santa by providing local families with some of the most-needed gifts. 

"The need in West Windsor itself — it's one of the highest areas for child poverty, so the needs are great," said Sister Connie Harrington, who helps run the program. 

"The staff is incredible and they look at those lists and they look at those wishes and the wants and the needs. And if things are really dire and need to be taken care of, then the staff takes that on ... and with the sisters and our donors, we try to provide whatever we can to give them a good Christmas."

WATCH | These kids wrote their letters to Santa. The school helps him get them what they need: 

Needs, Wants and Wishes

3 days ago

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Students at St. James Elementary school in Windsor are writing letters to Santa and the staff and others might give him helping hand to get them what they ask for.

It's hard to know just how much mail Santa gets each year, but he's had help for more than 40 years from Canada Post.

The mail carrier helped Old St. Nick with more than 1.5 million letters last year. 

Mail it before Friday!

Thousands of postage elves take on the task of helping Santa each year, said a Canada Post spokesperson. They volunteer more than 260,000 hours to help. 

"Santa has informed us that all is well at the North Pole and we are ready to help him send his replies back," said Lisa Liu, with Canada Post. 

"Rest assured that we are working closely with Santa and his elves so that all letters sent to the North Pole will receive a reply. We know Santa can't wait to see all those colourful letters come his way and our employees love to see them go through our postal system."

A hand-made letter in kid's writing that asks Santa for needs, which are clothes.
A Grade 2 student at St. James Catholic Elementary School in Windsor, Ont. holds up her letter to Santa. (Kaitie Fraser/CBC)

Letters can be mailed to Santa at this address: 

H0H 0H0

No postage is necessary to write to Santa within Canada, but to hear back, you must include a return address. 

"It's a big effort and a great source of pride for everyone at Canada Post," said Liu. "Since our national program began, Santa's North Pole Post Office has sent replies to more than 30 million letters in 39 languages (including Braille)."

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