Do you live in the UK's most generous city?

Do you live in the UK's most generous city?
Do you live in the UK's most generous city? 6 December 2022 11:11 AM: Manchester has been named the UK's most generous area for charitable donations for the second year running.

The city retained its crown from 2021, topping neighbouring Salford in terms of donations made on the fundraising site GoFundMe.

Belfast was the third most generous city this year, followed by Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Norwich was the highest-ranked city in southern England, in sixth, followed by Brighton and Hove in ninth.

Meanwhile, Ireland topped the world in terms of donations per capita, followed by the US, the UK, Canada and then Australia.

Ukraine dominated the donation charts this year, with the top three fundraisers being Ukraine-related following Russia's invasion in February.

GoFundMe revealed $250m (£205m) was raised for Ukraine across the website and US platform Classy in 2022, with more than 1.2 million donations.

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Image: Belfast City Hall

In aid of the Association of Ukrainians, Britons donated more than £2.8m to the campaign, which topped the charts as GoFundMe UK's largest appeal.

Fundraising page team member Iryna Terlecky said in an update in October that it had delivered £1m to each of its three partner organisations, AICM Ukraine, Caritas Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.


Another fundraiser on the list, which aimed to "keep Ukraine's media going", raised more than £960,000.

John Coventry from GoFundMe said: "The UK going up in the ranks for most generous countries was in part due to the huge response on our platform to the crisis in Ukraine, which was led by generous British donors.

"Despite the cost-of-living crisis, people are digging deep for people and causes they care about.

"What we've seen in 2022 is that, at times of crisis, kind-hearted people always want to help each other."

The UK's most generous areas in 2022, according to donations to GoFundMe

  • 1. Manchester
  • 2. Salford
  • 3. Belfast
  • 4. Edinburgh
  • 5. Glasgow
  • 6. Norwich
  • 7. Bradford
  • 8. Saint Albans
  • 9. Brighton and Hove
  • 10. Newcastle upon Tyne

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