A Roadmap for Growing or Restarting Your Career in Canada

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Arabnews24.ca:Wednesday 1 December 2021 10:29 AM: When immigrants and refugees succeed in Canada, the country grows stronger. In order for newcomers to achieve success, they must have opportunities to integrate into Canada’s economy. Part of that successful economic integration means finding career success in their new country.     

However, in a time of rapid and exponential change, it can be challenging to restart or grow your career. There are labour and skill shortages. New technologies keep emerging. Work expectations are evolving. 

How will you succeed in your career in the face of this uncertainty?   

Windmill Microlending has created the Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide to support you on your journey to career success in Canada.

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Windmill Microlending’s Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide offers newcomers tips and strategies to convert their potential into prosperity

How can the guide help my career succeed?   

There are four areas every immigrant and refugee needs to understand as they look to advance their careers and achieve success in their own or a new profession. The guide offers tips and success strategies in those areas, which include:

Education credentials

Financial planning

Career skills 

Job search preparation

Note: Each link takes you to a preview of the different sections within the guide.

Each section of the guide equips you with tools and helps you answer questions to position you for success. You may be trying to answer these questions as part of your own Canadian career journey. Questions such as:

Is a Canadian educational credential needed to succeed in this country?

The guide outlines the key questions to ask yourself before studying or pursuing a credential. For example, does your profession require a licence? Are your international credentials recognized? What types of educational options are available?

How do I plan for the costs of living in Canada?

Many newcomers struggle with budgeting their savings as they re-establish their careers in Canada. In our Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide, we share tips including: planning for things like cost of living, childcare, transportation, education and re-licensing expenses as well as emergency funds to cover unexpected costs.

Watch this short video to learn more about Windmill supports and resources for newcomers

Using a Career Development Loan to Advance Your Career

Seeing Debt Differently – A Windmill Coach Helps Newcomers Understand the Basics of Borrowing

Working in Canada | A 5-Step Approach

What are the skills I need to succeed in my Canadian career?

Many skilled immigrants and refugees come to Canada knowing the language and with expertise in their fields. But they often lack the soft skills Canadian employers want. In the guide, we highlight how soft skills, like customer service or critical thinking can make you stronger in how you work and a more sought after job candidate.

What can I do to get the job I want in my profession?

We hear from some of our skilled immigrant clients that they send out hundreds of cover letters and resumes in their job search. But what if that wasn’t the most effective strategy to land a career in your profession? In the guide, we discuss the value of strengthening each cover letter by highlighting keywords employers might be looking for like teamwork and interpersonal skills. 

Along with checklists and activities for you to complete, the Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide is a helpful resource for any newcomer. While your career success in Canada is never guaranteed, Windmill hopes this guide can help you navigate your journey to prosperity with confidence.

Windmill microlending

Windmill Microlending is Canada’s largest and most successful microlending charity for skilled immigrants and refugees. Windmill addresses underemployment of skilled newcomers by offering low-interest loans of up to $15,000 to pay for the credentials, licensing, retraining or professional development needed to achieve career success in Canada. By supporting newcomers across the country, Windmill is helping convert potential into prosperity, for our clients and for Canada. Windmill Microlending is a registered charity supported by donors, government, sponsors and granting agencies.

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