Toronto city council appoints Rose Milczyn as interim councillor for Ward 1-Etobicoke North

Toronto city council appoints Rose Milczyn as interim councillor for Ward 1-Etobicoke North
Toronto city council appoints Rose Milczyn as interim councillor for Ward 1-Etobicoke North 15 August 2022 06:36 PM: Toronto city council appointed a former district manager of its bylaw enforcement division Monday to be an interim councillor for Ward 1, Etobicoke North.

Rose Milczyn will fill the vacancy left by Michael Ford. Milczyn received 22 of 25 votes. The appointment, effective immediately, will last until until the current term of council ends on Monday, Nov. 14.

Milczyn worked for the city's municipal licensing and standards division for 18 years.

"For the record , I would like to state that I have no intention of running in the upcoming municipal election," Milczyn said in a Aug. 3 letter to council.

"I believe that being a public servant is an honourable vocation. It can be a very rewarding job and it has certainly brought me a great deal of pride and satisfaction over the past four decades," she continued.

"My combined political and divisional experience have provided me with a solid foundation in understanding the role of government and the policies and procedures that contribute to the success of a diverse and vibrant City." 

The appointment marks the second time that council has tried to fill the seat left vacant by Ford. The first appointment, Rosemarie Bryan, lasted only hours. Bryan resigned after it became evident that she had posted anti-LGBTQ content on Facebook between 2015 and 2021.

Ford, Premier Doug Ford's nephew, was elected as an MPP in the riding of York South-Weston in the June provincial election and is now Ontario's minister of citizenship and multiculturalism.

Seventeen candidates put their names forth as possible replacements. Candidates had to submit paperwork and were given a chance to address councillors and answers questions at the meeting on Monday. 

At its meeting from July 19 to 22, council declared the seat vacant and approved the process to fill the vacancy by appointment. 

Council is required by law to fill vacancies when there are more than 90 days until the next municipal election. Byelections are not permitted after March 31 in an election year.

The next municipal election is Monday, Oct. 24 this year.

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