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Freeland condemns police brutality after altercation between police and Senegalese diplomat

Freeland condemns police brutality after altercation between police and Senegalese diplomat
Freeland condemns police brutality after altercation between police and Senegalese diplomat 9 August 2022 04:37 PM: Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is condemning police brutality in the wake of an allegedly violent altercation between Gatineau police officers and a Senegalese diplomat. 

Last week, Senegal's government alleged Gatineau, Que., police exercised "humiliating physical and moral violence" on the diplomat by handcuffing and beating her in an altercation that ended with the diplomat's hospitalization.

The Gatineau Police Service say that a person punched one officer and bit another during the Aug. 2 incident. 

On Monday, Freeland was asked what about the incident was unacceptable and whether Canada has apologized to Senegal. Senegal's government had called on Ottawa to "vigorously denounce and strongly condemn this racist and barbaric act."

"Any instance of brutality, of police brutality, towards anyone in our country, whether they are a Canadian or a visitor or a diplomat, is, of course, entirely unacceptable," Freeland said. "That's something our government is clear on. And I want to assure all Canadians and all diplomats who are here that we're very, very clear on that."

Freeland was the first Canadian federal minister to address the incident.

Global Affairs Canada issued a statement over the weekend saying it was "extremely concerned" by police's alleged treatment of the diplomat, calling the incident "simply unacceptable." Quebec's Ministry of Public Security said a police complaint against the diplomat was dropped "due to the applicable diplomatic immunity."

Quebec's police watchdog is now investigating the officers' conduct, starting by requesting copies of the reports made in the wake of the incident.

The Gatineau Police Service has said it won't make any further comments while the watchdog investigation unfolds.

On Monday, Quebec's minister responsible for the Outaouais region, Mathieu Lacombe, said he hopes "light will be shed on this [incident]" following the investigation.

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