Ontario on the lookout for weekend severe storms, flooding risk

Ontario on the lookout for weekend severe storms, flooding risk
Ontario on the lookout for weekend severe storms, flooding risk

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There's an old notion that heat waves tend break with a volley of thunderstorms, and it’s certainly living up to its reputation across southern Ontario amid a stormy end to this hot week.

Areas that have been drenched by thunderstorms over the past couple of days are on track to see more unsettled weather heading into the weekend as a low-pressure system pushes into the Great Lakes.

Ontario atmospheric moisture

Ontario atmospheric moisture

Additional severe weather is possible on Saturday across southern Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa. Remain alert for watches and warnings as you head about your day.

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Severe storms possible again on Saturday

A low-pressure system will drive the stormy conditions expected across much of Ontario this weekend. The low will move into the Great Lakes into Saturday, forcing multiple rounds of rain to sweep over the province.

Widespread heavy rain is expected throughout central Ontario, while communities in southern and eastern Ontario can expect multiple opportunities for thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday.

Showers are likely to develop throughout central and eastern Ontario on Saturday morning as a warm front moves into the region.

Ontario storm risk Saturday

Ontario storm risk Saturday

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Farther south, expect thunderstorms to develop on Saturday afternoon and roll inland from Lake Huron. There’s still some lingering uncertainty exactly where these storms will develop and track, so factor the risk for rain into any outdoor plans through the day.

A copious amount of atmospheric moisture lumbering over Ontario will provide a vast reservoir for any showers or thunderstorms to tap into this weekend.

Ontario rain outlook

Ontario rain outlook

Look out for a risk for torrential downpours and strong wind gusts in any thunderstorms that develop. Some areas could see 50-100 mm of rain through this weekend, which could lead to localized flooding in vulnerable areas.

Storm threat continues into Sunday

Our low-pressure system will stick around with unsettled weather to end the weekend. Heavy rains will persist across central Ontario through the day Sunday.

Ontario precip Sunday morning

Ontario precip Sunday morning

Meanwhile, folks across southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area will contend with a cold front swinging into the region on Sunday morning. Showers and thunderstorms will develop along and ahead of this front as it arrives.

Dynamics are favourable for severe weather across portions of eastern Ontario as the thunderstorms arrive on Sunday afternoon. Keep an eye out for the potential for strong wind gusts, heavy rainfall, and some hail in the stronger storms in the area.

The widespread rain will also reach into Quebec, putting a rainy damper on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day celebrations.

WATCH: Storms, landspouts roar over southern Ontario on Thursday

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Stay tuned to The Weather Network for the latest forecast across Ontario.

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