Decision to move alley garbage collection to the front of some Windsor homes has been deferred

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Some Windsor alleys are still used for garbage pickup.  (Floriane Bonneville/Radio-Canada - image credit)

Some Windsor alleys are still used for garbage pickup. (Floriane Bonneville/Radio-Canada - image credit)

Windsor residents who want to see trash pickup moved to the front of their homes, instead of a designated alleyway, will wait a little bit longer.

On Wednesday, the city's transportation, environment and public safety committee considered the change ahead of tendering a new waste collection contract that would come into effect mid-2025.

But after more than 90 minutes of debate, councillors deferred the issue pending another report with additional information.

"We've had many alley discussions in this chamber over the years, they've been contentious and right now I don't feel like I have all of the information I need," said Coun. Kieran McKenzie.

In the city staff report, it recommended changing garbage collection from many residential alleyways to the front of homes. It says the move is expected to save money by using larger trucks capable of holding more garbage and requiring fewer trips.

"The whole crux of the issue is those vehicles," said Anne-Marie Albidone, the city's manager of environmental services, adding the contractor will also need time to purchase the recommended vehicles.

"If we're doing alley collection it requires a very specific type of vehicle, if we're not doing as many alley collections there's a lot more opportunities for the proponents."

Dale Molnar/CBC

Dale Molnar/CBC

If the change is approved, alley collection would continue for business improvement areas (BIAs) as well as in some places where roads were too narrow to accommodate a garbage truck, says Albidone.

One local resident who lives downtown says moving garbage collection to the front of homes would alleviate some waste and theft issues they're experiencing.

"My alley has turned into a very hazardous place and in its current state is unsuitable for use,' said Nick Amlin, who lives on Victoria Avenue.

"I believe having the garbage, recycling and yard waste collected at the front of homes would be a positive change for this situation … acting as a large deterrent for bin theft while having more eyes, doorbell camera and people out and about to monitor the situation."

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Lynne Robson/CBC

Lynne Robson/CBC

The issue was deferred because some councillors say they want to see a report on alley minimum maintenance standards.

Staff say the alley standards report would be incorporated into the city's asset management plan next summer, and needed a decision on garbage collection ahead of the tender process, due to begin soon.

"I am not willing to accept any reduction in any service in our alley until i know conclusively there is a vision for our alleys and money put behind that vision to do something to clean them u," said Coun. Fabio Costante, chair of the committee.

Coun. Renaldo Agostino was the lone vote against the motion to defer the issue, citing safety concerns and the issues raised by residents.

"We're talking about garbage and we're talking about safety," said Agostino.

"To me I'm worried this will continue to be bounced around. I can't support this. I'm definitely willing to listen to options but I have to see some action here."

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