Egg shortages 'could be just the start' as UK is 'sleepwalking' into food supply crisis, farmers union warns

Egg shortages 'could be just the start' as UK is 'sleepwalking' into food supply crisis, farmers union warns
Egg shortages 'could be just the start' as UK is 'sleepwalking' into food supply crisis, farmers union warns 6 December 2022 04:48 AM: Egg shortages "could be just the start" as the UK is "sleepwalking" into a food supply crisis, the union for farmers and growers has warned.

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) called on the government to step in and assist primary producers under severe strain from soaring fuel, fertiliser and feed costs.

"Shoppers up and down the country have for decades had a guaranteed supply of high-quality affordable food produced to some of the highest animal welfare, environmental and food safety standards in the world," NFU president Minette Batters told the BBC.

"But British food is under threat... at a time when global volatility is threatening the stability of the world's food production, food security and energy security.

"I fear the country is sleepwalking into further food supply crises, with the future of British fruit and vegetable supplies in trouble."

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Ahead of an emergency press conference today, the NFU said tomatoes, cucumbers and pears could be among the next food items likely impacted, because they all come from energy-intensive crops.

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However, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said Britain has a high degree of food security which is "built on supply from diverse sources", including strong domestic production as well as imports through stable trade routes.

It comes after several supermarket giants introduced a temporary buying limit on eggs as a precautionary measure amid the impact on supply of rising costs and bird flu.


The rate of food price inflation is expected to reach a peak year-on-year of between 17% and 19% in early 2023, according to the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD).

It was up from its previous forecast of a peak between 14% and 16%.

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