Discover Exciting Summer Festivals in Canada in 2023!

Discover Exciting Summer Festivals in Canada in 2023!
Discover Exciting Summer Festivals in Canada in 2023!
Caribana parade in Toronto, Ontario 12 July 2023 10:48 AM: Toronto Caribbean Carnival Grand Parade along Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto

Canada is often associated with long and cold winters, so people look forward to cherished summer festivals in cities across the country. And, these summer festivals in 2023 are worth joining! While there might be some truth to the claim that Canada is cold, it’s not just a country defined by its winters. In fact, Canada is home to some of the biggest and grandest festivals out there. New to Canada? Explore some of its most thrilling summer festivals in 2023. From comedy and live music shows to fireworks competitions, Canada never runs low on exciting summer events!

Check out these Exciting Summer Festivals in 2023

Calgary Stampede

Where: Calgary, Alberta

When: July 7 – 16, 2023

The Calgary Stampede is an annual summer festival. Parade with women riding horses. A marching band is in front of them.
Calgary hosts a 10-day summer festival each year known as the Calgary Stampede

Calgary, and Western Canada in general, has a long farming history. And, most aspects of people’s lives revolved around running the family farm before Canada became a country. Specifically, cattle ranches were the most common type of farm present around Calgary and most of Alberta. So to embrace its modest origins, Calgary hosts a ten-day summer festival each year known as the Calgary Stampede.

The Calgary Stampede is the biggest rodeo event in Canada and among the top rodeos in North America. And, the main attraction is the tournament-style rodeo events.

It also has many other fun activities. Another unique activity during the Calgary Stampede is the free pancake breakfast. That’s right. Calgarians get to enjoy a free pancake breakfast during the Stampede that serves until 10 AM. You also get free admission to the Calgary Stampede if you arrive before 11 AM.

If you plan to visit Stampede City and join the summer fun, click here to learn more.

Honda Celebration of Light, 2023

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia

When: July 22, 26, 29, 2023

Fireworks display over English Bay at this annual summer event in Vancouver.
Catch the fireworks display at this spectacular summer festival in Vancouver, BC

The Honda Celebration of Light is the biggest fireworks competition in the world. It is also the longest-running offshore fireworks competition in the world. In 2023, three countries will compete: Australia, Mexico, and The Philippines. The fireworks take place over English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia. Morton Park, which is close to where the fireworks are happening, will host live music events, food trucks, and activities for everyone.

For more details about this spectacular summer festival, or to buy tickets, you can visit the event website.

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Just For Laughs Montreal

Where: Montreal, Quebec

When: July 14 – 29, 2023

The Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Quebec is the biggest comedy festival in the world! Since 1983, this lively event continues to bring a smile to Canadians’ faces. To learn more about Just For Laughs 2023, click here.

Edmonton Heritage Festival

Where: Edmonton, Alberta

When: Aug 5 – 7, 2023

Canada has achieved what so many countries have failed to achieve in the past. That achievement is building a culturally accepting environment where people from different backgrounds can live together in peace. To celebrate this achievement, Edmonton hosts the largest celebration of multiculturalism in the world.

The Edmonton Heritage Festival is a fun and light-hearted three-day event that celebrates the beautiful cultures present in our country. The festival represents over 60 nations that each set up their outdoor pavilions at Hawrelak Park in Edmonton. From traditional live music to iconic cultural foods, the Edmonton Heritage Festival has something for everyone. It is a great way to have some fun while also learning about the wonderful cultures that make up Canada.

To learn more about the Edmonton Heritage Festival, click here.

Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana)

Where: Toronto, Ontario

When: August 3 – 7, 2023

Young women dressed in a blue Caribbean costume. The Caribana Parade is one of the most anticipated summer festivals in 2023!
A highlight of this summer festival is the stunning Caribbean costumes that people wear.

It is only fitting that Canada’s largest festival takes place in Toronto, its largest city. Caribana is North America’s largest carnival. Also known as the Toronto Caribbean Carnival this event celebrates Caribbean culture. The highly-anticipated carnival represents almost all Caribbean cultures and gets its unique theme from all Caribbean Islands.

The festival is now officially known as Toronto Caribbean Carnival. Many still know the festival as, “Caribana”, which is what you get when you mix the words, “Caribbean”, and “Canada”. At this summer festival, you’ll discover anything and everything Caribbean. From Caribbean music to food, the carnival has something for everyone. After all, it is the largest carnival in North America. Some other things you can expect are people in Caribbean clothing and costumes, Caribbean dances, and other traditions found in the Caribbean Islands. To learn more about the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2023, click here.

These are just some of the many summer festivals taking place in 2023. Each part of Canada has its own unique way of celebrating the summer. If you’re searching for summer festivals in 2023 taking place in your local community, you can look them up online. 

At the end of the day, summer is all about relaxing, spending time with your loved ones, and doing what you love. Whether you attend a large summer festival or just take a walk in the park, make sure you enjoy the wonderful events that Canada has to offer.

For more information, tools, and free webinars about living in Canada visit our Settling in Canada resource page. We’ll help you to settle in Canada successfully.

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