5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Immigrated to Canada

Arabnews24.ca:Monday 29 May 2023 11:59 PM: When I immigrated to Canada I found that I was unprepared and unaware of helpful tips. Even with all of my research and planning, there were still some surprises that I found along the way. Here are five tips that I think all newcomers should know before immigrating to Canada.

1. Free pre-arrival settlement services can help you prepare for life in Canada

Many newcomers to Canada are not aware of pre-arrival training programs that are available to all immigrants. These programs are free to newcomers and if I had heard about them before I arrived I would have jumped at the chance to participate.  Yes!  They are absolutely free and funded by the Canadian government so you know that they are legitimate. In addition, these government-funded training programs are well respected by major employers in Canada.

Settlement services can help you with many decisions even before you leave for Canada.

2. There are resources to help you get organized before you leave for Canada

One of the biggest mistakes would-be immigrants make is immigrating to Canada unprepared. They leave behind critical documents that can help them settle in Canada faster. They may forget to purchase travel and medical insurance to cover them while they travel. Or they choose to leave so much behind that they are faced with enormous costs after they arrive.

The good news is you don’t have to figure it out alone. These pre-arrival checklists will guide and organize you as you pack up.

7 essential checklists to prepare for Canada

3. You can open a bank account before you immigrate to Canada

This is a step that would have made the process of bringing my savings to Canada a lot easier.  By opening a bank account in Canada before you arrive you can transfer your money directly into your own bank account.

Opening a bank account is useful when you have to show proof of funds to an immigration officer when you land in Canada.

Join our free webinar to learn how to arrive in Canada financially prepared!

 4. You will have to be patient in your job search

Finding your ideal job in Canada may take some time so you should be prepared to start small and work your way up to your dream job.  The trick is to stay positive and keep working towards your goal.  Doing research on how you should adapt your job search strategies to the Canadian marketplace is essential if you want to give yourself the best chance of finding a great job in Canada. 

5. You need to arrange short-term accommodation before you immigrate to Canada

It’s best if you arrange short-term housing a few weeks before you immigrate to Canada. After you arrive, you can begin your search for a longer-term, or permanent rental. You can search for something that will best suit your needs in terms of location, cost, and even the type of housing that you need.

Our Rentals for Newcomers site is a practical and easy-to-navigate site to help you find housing and make an easier transition to life in Canada! And you can even determine the average cost of rentals in each city. This is helpful since rental prices change often. You’ll also find great articles about housing in Canada.

For more helpful information about living and working in Canada, be sure to check out our free webinars! 

David Singh

David Singh moved to Canada from India 6 years ago. He loves sharing his experiences with other newcomers to Canada in the hope that they are able to settle here with ease.

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